Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald Trump, King of Fantasyville

I think the bottom line is that Donald Trump is popular because he gets away with many of the things that some folks would like to say and/or do but wouldn't dare.  He's politically incorrect--he says whatever's on his mind without regard to whether it offends people, and, when challenged, defends his right to be offensive.  He doesn't worry about the facts.  He "gets the girl," and that's close to the truth, literally--his current wife is 23 years younger that he is.  He probably pays much less in taxes than us non-millionaires.  And his fans eat it all up because they'd love to be in his boat.  You'll notice that I called them his fans, not his supporters.  This is a presidential candidate?  What do his fans think we're voting for, the next Wizard of Oz?!



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